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Order NumberDateSubject
9596010/8/2021Contract with Smithcare Cleaning Services, Inc. for Cleaning Services for the Municipal Service Center Buildings.
9595910/8/2021Consulting Agreement with 21st Century Policing Solutions, LLC.
9595810/8/2021Advisory Committee for Lincoln Municipal Golf Advisory Committee.
9595710/8/2021Memo of Understanding for Pavement and Other Related Services provided by Northland PCC dba Precision Concrete Cutting, Inc. Amount not to exceed $465,000.00.
9595610/8/2021Agreement with GSK Consumer Healthcare for fire protection services.
9595510/8/2021Contract with Nebraska Nursery and Color Gardens for Fall street Trees. Amount not to exceed $67,925.00.
9595410/8/2021Payment in the amount of $10,000.00 from Vineyard, LLC to be released upon completion for the Redeveloper Improvements.
9595310/8/2021Agreement with Bridge Behavioral Health to provide services to the Lincoln Police Department. Amount not to exceed $406,982.00.
9595210/8/2021Agreement with Speece Lewis Engineers for Sidewalk & Ramp Rehabilitation at various location. Amount not to exceed $65,000.00.
9595110/7/2021Service Agreement with Good Neighbor Community Center to accomplish a minority needs assessment for Lancaster County. Amount not to exceed $55,500.00.
9595010/7/2021Subaward Renewal with Nebraska DHHS Division of Public Health for the Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response pursuant to EO95056. Amount not to exceed $279,990.00.
9594910/7/2021Subaward Renewal with the Nebraska DHHS Division of Children and Family Services for Evidence based home visiting. Amount not to exceed $248, 791.00. Pursuant to EO95921.
9594810/7/2021Amendment to the contract with JEO Consulting Group, Inc. for the increase of $133,540.00 for Construction Observation for Forest Lake Blvd drainage Improvement project. Pursuant to DO93909.
9594710/7/2021Amendment to the contract with Black & Veatch for an increase in the amount of $54,371.00 for the administration of Construction Phase Services. Pursuant to EO95244.
9594610/7/2021Agreement with Olsson, Inc. for engineering services for the A3 Bar Screen Replacement at the Theresa Street WRRF. Amount not to exceed $67,152.30.
9594510/6/2021Administrative Regulation No. 31 to amend the policy for City Applications for Grants.
9594410/6/2021Release of Drainage Easement releasing the dedicated 30' drainage easement lying within Lot 10, Block 2, Westgate Park for Business and Industry 1st Addition and now lying within Lots 1 and 2, Block 1, Westgate Park for Business and Industry 2nd Addition; said easement was dedicated in the Final Plat of Westgate Park for Business and Industry First Addition, recorded in the Register of Deeds Office on May 3, 1977 as Inst. No. 1977-010347.
9594310/6/2021Easement w/ Southwest Folsom Development, LLC. is hereby approved.
9594210/4/2021Change Order No. 2 with Building Crafts, Inc. to extend the North Wellfield Restoration Project.
9594110/4/2021Rest of Luxe Lifestyle Innovations, LLC, to design and construct Sanitary Sewer for Prairie Meadows 1st Addition.