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Order NumberDateSubject
9491410/23/2020Selection and Negotiating Committee for WIOA/AJC Website Development, RFP No. 20-229 shall consist of the following members or their designated alternate: Selection Committee: Dylan Wren, WIOA Staff; Alyssa P. Martin, Administrative Assistant; Connie M. Daly, State of Nebraska; Leon Holloway, WIOA; Tim Bornemeier, WIOA Board; Shirley Carlson, WIOA Staff; Kevin Cass, Administrative Assistant; Justin Kometscher, Internet Support Specialist; Bob Walla, Purchasing Facilitator. Negotiating Committee: Dylan Wren, Margaret Blatchford, Senior Attorney; Bob Walla.
9491310/23/2020Agreement w/ Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to provide transit service to Nebraska Innovation Campus from August 24, 2020 through August 22, 2021, fees totaling $195,888.72, for Transportation and Utilities - Startran.
9491210/23/2020Release of Easement releasing the platted utility easements lying within Lot 2, Block 1, and Appian Way 15th Addition. Said easements were dedicated in the Final Plat of Appian Way Addition, recorded in the Lancaster County Register of Deeds Office on March 22, 2002 as Inst. No. 2002-018956.
9491110/21/2020Weekly disbursement of funds for week ended October 7, 2020.
9491010/21/2020Change Order No. 1 to contract w/ Olsson, Inc. for Wellfield PLC and SCADA Uprgrades (702908.265.1755), for a revised completion date of December 31, 2021, for Transportation and Utilities - Water.
9490910/21/2020Approving request of Matodol, LLC to design and construct ornamental lighting for Wandering Creek 5th Addition.
9490810/21/2020Approving request of Matodol, LLC to design and construct water main for Wandering Creek 5th Addition.
9490710/21/2020Approving request of Matodol, LLC to design and construct street paving for Wandering Creek 5th Addition.
9490610/21/2020Approving request of Matodol, LLC to design and construct storm sewer for Wandering Creek 5th Addition.
9490510/21/2020Bid and Contract w/ High Plains Enterprises, Inc. for Stream Stabilization Project (700891.365.5621) at Olympic Heights Park, for sum of $149,928.50, for Transportation and Utilities.
9490410/19/2020Utility Easement w/ Lincoln Electric System to allow LES to replace overhead power lines and install underground cables and at-grade equipment on the property located along 84th Street from Pinedale Street to Vine Street commonly known as the MOPAC Trail, for Parks and Recreation.
9490310/19/2020Agreement for Payment and Delivery of Benefits and Designation of Representation for Luis Mario Herrera.
9490210/19/2020Contract renewal w/ Southern Uniform & Equipment for Annual Supply - Load Bearing Vests, Bid No. 19-246, not to exceed $92,700.00, for Police.
9490110/19/2020Subaward w/ Nebraska DHHS Division of Public Health to build capacity and expertise for public health and community outbreak response and infection prevention and control among local health department workforce in Nebraska, for Health.
9490010/19/2020Application for funding from the State of Nebraska, Department of Transportation through the Nebraska Public Transportation Assistance Program for fiscal year 2021, in the amount of $4,471,055.00, for Transportation and Utilities - Startran.
9489910/19/2020Memorandum of Understanding renewal w/ Allo Communications LLC for Data Transport Services, not to exceed $72,000.00, for Finance - Information Services.
9489810/19/2020Grant Contract w/ the County of Lancaster for funding Take Pause program grant award in the amount of $10,523.00, for Police.
9489710/19/2020Purchase from Chargepoint, Inc. for furnishing Electric Vehicle Chargers (req 16876), for sum of $53,490.00, for Police.